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The Story

In 2010 a team of talented developers at Entre Computer Services created eScreenz.

It started as a screen saver - an existing technology that was repurposed to display corporate messaging slide shows. Fast forward to present day, eScreenz is now the most comprehensive communication solution available. It crosses all media – mobile communication, desktop communication and digital signage. You’ll find eScreenz messages on desktops, laptops, large screen digital signage displays, tablets and smartphones.

Reach everyone where they are with what they need.


Questions We Asked Ourselves

What if you could click on any slide to access more information? On the Web? On the intranet? On SharePoint?

What if an Urgent Notification could pop up on everyone's screen during a critical event? 

What if you could access eScreenz on demand?

What if there was a way to record and report if someone had read a slide? 

Could you use this technology as digital signage on large screen displays? 

And what if there was a way to get the same messages to tablets and smartphones while still managing it from the eScreenz central web-based interface?

Do You Have a "What if?"

We’re not done yet. We’d love to hear your thoughts on how we can make eScreenz even better.

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PowerPoint Templates You Can Customize

We've created a library of slide templates that you can customize with your own words and images! Enjoy.

Download PowerPoint Slide Templates