eScreenz Corporate Screensaver ROI Calculator


Number of Users
Annual Average Salary + Benefits
Annual Payroll Investment 0
Estimate your organization's increase* in productivity/ revenue/profitability by the following improvements:
Training/Training Reinforcement
Compliance, Understanding, and Observance
Improved Understanding of Company Directives
Improved Understanding of New Initiatives
Improved Onboarding of New Employees/Promoted Employees
Customer Satisfaction Deliverables
Improved Internal Coordination
Reduction of Emails
Behavioral Changes
Improved Employee Morale
Business Continuity Preparedness
Increasing Employee Health and Safety
Litigation Avoidance
Building an Internal Corporate Identity
Priority Reinforcement
Maximizing Intranet Investment
Employee Retention
Maximizing Employee Recognition and Rewards
Overcoming Inconsistent Management Practices
Maximizing Executive Involvement
Total Percentage Productivity Gain 0

*No estimates? Simply put in .10% or 1% and see what happens. Have more than 2,000 users? Please contact us for special pricing!