eScreenz™ FAQs

A. More than a corporate screen saver and beyond digital signage, eScreenz improves internal communication across various industries, organizations and events. Reach your audience on desktops, laptops, digital signage displays, tablets and smartphones - and manage message publication from one central cloud-based interface. It's never been easier to reach people wherever they are.
A. eScreenz is sold using several pricing models customized by number of users, hosting alternatives and customer requirements.

Depending on number of users, eScreenz is priced as low as $4 per user per year.

Call and ask us how we can create a package just right for you.

(585) 760-1010 or toll-free (877) 780-1161
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A. eScreenz is built on screen saver technology, but we added functionality like clickable screens, a powerful Urgent Notification feature and reports for internal compliance. A cloud-based management interface makes it easy for you to upload slide shows prepared in Microsoft PowerPoint or even Photoshop. Publish them to everyone or target groups.

In addition, eScreenz messages can appear on-demand on any web-enabled devices like tablets and smartphones.
A. We make ongoing improvements with a major release approximately once each year.
A. Click here or e-mail us at info@escreenz.com. We'd love to hear how we can make eScreenz even better.
A. One of the leading uses of eScreenz is to promote green initiatives. Simply set the screensaver to come on after 5 minutes and the PC and Monitor to go to sleep after 10 minutes. That gives more than sufficient time to use eScreenz effectively.

In addition, eScreenz Quick View allows users to view slides anytime - without waiting for the screensaver. Users click the eScreenz desktop tray icon and choose View Slides.

Entre Computer Services (developer of eScreenz) hosts the content server portion of eScreenz at their secure data center. In addition, the default Relay Service is also installed at Entre’s secure data center.

To enhance performance of large installations of eScreenz, you may install additional eScreenz Relay Services on any IIS 7.5 (Windows Server 2008R2) or later Web server within your internal network. The eScreenz Relay Service caches the content you have published within your organization, reducing network traffic through your firewall to the public Internet.

A. In short, no. The client is a screen saver and runs using the login credentials of the logged in user. The administrative (content) server is an authenticated Web-based application which requires a separate login. We would be happy to discuss any single sign-on requirements in more detail during your demo.

eScreenz is compatible with all current versions of Microsoft Windows: XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 10. It will run in both standard edition and 64 bit editions of Microsoft Windows.

Note: All PCs must have the .NET Runtime Environment version 4.0 or higher installed to run the eScreenz client.  If eScreenz is manually installed and the .NET Runtime is not present, the installer will prompt you to install it first. For unattended automatic installation using facilities such as an Active Directory Group Policy, the .NET Runtime Environment should be installed using a separate group policy prior to installing eScreenz with a second group policy.

A. Just ask! Reach us at (585) 760-1010 or info@escreenz.com to schedule a live Web meeting. You'll come away with an understanding of what eScreenz™ products are best for you and how they can increase efficiencies in your organization.

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