Internal Communication Solution for Government

Government on any level runs more smoothly when personnel have the same goals, know the latest procedural changes and can quickly access the information they need.

Is there a file on your Intranet site that staff uses frequently but has difficulty navigating to? An eScreenz clickable slide with one-click access may be the solution.

Did the latest reminder you sent out get lost in the e-mail inbox jungle? With eScreenz you can leave any message running as a daily reminder.

Simply put, eScreenz is a better way to communicate for government users. Using desktops, laptops, digital displays and mobile devices, eScreenz lets you reach everyone - wherever they are.

Keep Everyone Informed

  • Enhance your intranet
  • HR policies
  • Compliance protocols
  • Safety reminders
  • Departmental procedures
  • Increase employee engagement
  • Promote events
  • Budget deadlines
  • Training reinforcement
  • Urgent notifications

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