Get Their Attention

Reach all your team members with effective messaging from a single dashboard. eScreenz™ Corporate Screensaver (CS) is a communication solution that allows you to share custom messages to your employees through their desktops/laptops. Unique product that makes screensaver slides clickable so you can both give information and have the user immediately access internal or external URLs for more detailed information – registration for events-surveys and lots more.

Plus: using the Force Acknowledge feature, you will be able to help enforce compliance initiatives and make certain everyone is on the same page. Our filterable reports help you easily keep track of who on your team is up to date.  


When you need to reach everyone, everywhere, eScreenz is the solution.

It crosses all media – mobile communication, desktop communication and digital signage. You can share eScreenz messages on desktops, laptops, large screen digital signage displays, tablets and smartphones. So instead of your messages getting lost in e-mail or missed on breakroom posters, eScreenz gives you a single place for important news that employees can access on demand wherever they are.

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