Creating A Slide From A YouTube Video

You can create a web slide with a link to a YouTube embed.  By massaging the parameters after the fact, you can continually get the video to play while the slide is running:

  1. Navigate in your browser to a YouTube video that you wish to embed
  2. Click the "Share" button under the video
  3. Go to the "Embed" tab
  4. Copy the URL that appears in the "src" attribute in the text box below.  It should read something along the lines of
  5. Add to the end of the url "?playlist=SOMEVIDEOID&loop=1&controls=0&autoplay=1" (without quotes, replace SOMEVIDEOID with the Video ID of the video)
    1. playlist=SOMEVIDEOID&loop=1 tells the video to load the video again after it's finished playing
    2. controls=0 hides the play controls on the bottom; it does not hide other chrome added by YT
    3. autoplay=1 tells the video to auto-start once loaded
  6. The final URL should look something like
  7. In eScreenz, create a new web slide
  8. Paste that URL as the URL to the slide

YouTube Video in eScreenz™ 10

eScreenz™ 10 natively supports YouTube videos without manually adjusting parameters.  To embed a YouTube video using eScreenz™ 10, simply perform the following steps:

  1. Create a new Web Slide
  2. Copy the full URL from the YouTube video you want to play, and paste it into the Web Slide URL text box.
  3. If you would like the video to play all the way through, adjust the duration of the slide so that it is a few seconds longer than the duration of the video.

When your slide is published, eScreenz 10 will automatically display the video in full screen.  In addition, eScreenz will automatically progress to the next slide once the video has completed playing.

Note that if eScreenz 3.x is connected to the site, videos will not play in full screen until the software is updated to the eScreenz 10 client.  If you wisht o continue using eScreenz 3.x side-by-side with eScreenz 10, then continue publishing slides using the 3.x approach outlined above.