eScreenz Dashboard

The eScreenz™dashboard provides a number of features designed to make eScreenz™ easy to use:

  • Quick Links: The quick links in the upper left provide convenient access to the most commonly used actions

  • Download: The two download links can be used to download the eScreenz™ screensaver 
    Download Screensaver provides the MSI which will install the screensaver as well as creating three entries in an eScreenz™ folder in the start menu:

    The first link starts the screensaver
    The second link opens the login screen to your dashboard
    The third link opens the eScreenz™ Help site
    Advanced Download Options allows you to create an installer that does not install the links to the login screen and help sites. You should use this to obtain an installer for eScreenz™ end user PCs.

  • Preview

    • The center of the dashboard shows the slides that are currently published to all users. NOTE: Use the Slideshow Preview quick link to see the slides published to individual groups.

    • The buttons under the preview allow you to stop the slides, and manually step forward or backward through the slides

    • Use the slider to adjust how fast the slides play